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  • James McDonald

When do you need a professional video production company?

Professional Video: Why bother?

Not every video needs to have a five-figure budget, a camera crew, professional lighting and a slick edit, but do you know when it is appropriate to budget for professional video service?

In today's world of technological wonders, almost everyone walks around with a high-quality video camera in their pocket. Even our young children seem to be taking video of each other and even using simple to use apps to edit their videos for their friends. So why would anyone ever bother contacting a professional video production team when even a child is able to post to YouTube today? The answer is simple: some things are worth the time, money and effort.

As a video producer, one of the first things I do when a client approaches me is to assess the project at hand and determine if it is something that requires a full-blown video production team or not. Often, I can tell when a client really doesn't have the budget or the time to go through the process of creating high quality content for their audience, and that okay. It just depends on the type of video.

I like to say corporate online videos come in two flavours: videos that will have a long shelf-life and those that are short-lived and disposable. Are you just saying hello on social media and maybe giving an update on what your business is up to? These short and simple posts on Twitter and Instagram create connection with your audience and will likely only be watched once and forgotten. These kinds of videos can be shot with a smartphone and audiences have grown accustomed to their simple aesthetic. But sometimes you need more than this.

Companies and organizations also need videos that will hopefully be viewed and shared for years to come. These long-life videos include corporate profile videos that live in the "about us" section of their website, advertising campaigns for an important product or service, and training or informational videos that will educate and instruct. These videos really reflect your business and deserve the special attention a professional video production company will create.

Professional lighting, high-quality sound and 4K cameras operated by highly-skilled and experienced crew will give you an end product you will be proud to share with your audience. You would never meet a new client or contact in a wrinkled shirt and torn jeans. It would be a direct reflection on you and your company. So why would you ever consider presenting anything but the best video quality you can produce to your viewers? When the content is not disposable, don't.

Contact East Coast Video Productions today to talk about what we can do for you and your business.


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